Johnson Kong

Board Member, IIPCC

Johnson Kong is a founding member and board member of the International Intellectual Property Commercialization Council (“IIPCC”), a global non-profit, nonpartisan NGO serving the innovation, IP, and entrepreneurial ecosystem and community dedicated to IP commercialization. IIPCC is a WIPO (U.N.) accredited Permanent Observer, partner and advisor. IIPCC is currently based in Hong Kong with Chapters internationally and its mission: promoting/education on the core value of IP, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IP best practices and standards, and a social network working towards “knowledge is for the betterment of humanity” and commerce.

Prior to IIPCC.org, Mr. Kong was the executive vice president and international head of a N.Y. based IP consultation and data firm. He also held senior executive roles for other IP related service entities with global Fortune 500 clients. Mr. Kong is a recognized expert in the formulation and implementation of IP strategies. Mr. Kong is the award recipient of the world renowned IP industry peer nominated award, IAM Strategy 300”, “The World’s Leading IP Strategists” from Intellectual Asset Management (“IAM”).

Mr. Kong has co-chaired and spoken at numerous official premier IP, commerce and innovation events, such as the Salzburg Global Seminar, IPBC China, IPBC Asia, Business of IP Asia Forum, APEC China Business Council’s Young Entrepreneur Summit (YES) & Global Innovator Conference (GIC), to name a few. Mr. Kong is a frequent keynote speaker at official events held by UNIDO, and the patent & trademark offices such as GDIPO, HKIPD, IPOS, KIPO, SIPA, SIPO, SZSTI, TIPO, and a guest lecturer at universities and R&D centers.

Mr. Kong has been an international “serial entrepreneur” in various industries. His successes included branded FMCG, essential industrial F/B ingredients, award winner specialty satellite broadcasted cable delivered channel, mission critical electronic vaulting solutions provider (acquired by Seagate), award winners proprietary building blocks system, to name a few of businesses. He currently serves on the board of a few companies from “venture capital” to social enterprises, enterprise solutions provider and technology providers.

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