Ricardo Pesce

Managing Director, Embraer Asia Pacific

Ricardo Pesce is the Managing Director of Embraer Asia Pacific, based in Singapore. Appointed to this role in June 2010, Ricardo is responsible for all of the Company’s corporate matters in Asia Pacific, which includes South and Southeast Asia, Australasia and Northeast Asia (excluding China).

A veteran at Embraer, Ricardo joined the Company in 1976 and was the very first aeronautical engineer to join the commercial business division at Embraer, which was set up in 1974.

In the decade that followed, Ricardo was involved in the establishment and development of international aircraft sales for Embraer, before being tasked to create a Contracts division within the business unit in 1986, with the main task of preparing and managing commercial aircraft sales contracts. He also spent time in an internship at Boeing in their Airline Analysis area in 1982.

During his career with the Company which currently stands over 41 years, Ricardo has served in a number of roles relating to the marketing and sales of Embraer’s commercial products. He also started and led the Product Strategy team, where he was deeply involved in the launch of Embraer’s E-JETS family of commercial aircraft.

Ricardo relocated to Singapore in 2001 to join Embraer Asia Pacific – then the newest international entity established by Embraer in its internationalization process – and assumed the role of Business Development Director. During his time at Embraer Asia Pacific, Ricardo successfully led sales campaigns in countries such as India, Taiwan and Japan, which grew the presence and profile of both the Embraer brand and the Company’s products in the region.

Ricardo graduated from the Institute of Aeronautical Technology (ITA) in Brazil in 1975 and has a Masters in Marketing from the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. An avid traveler, Ricardo enjoys golf and motorsports and is married to Otilia.

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