Hiro Nishiguchi

Executive Managing Director, Japan Innovation Network

Mr. Nishiguchi is co-founded the Japan Innovation Network and currently serves as Executive Managing Director. He previously served as Executive Managing Director of Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), Japan’s largest public-private investment fund with $20 billion investment capacity, and was a Worldwide Partner at Mercer. Mr. Nishiguchi is concurrently serving as outside director of PERSOL HOLDINGS as well as President of the Japan Bosai Platform.

My Sessions

Session 1: How will global transformations shape our future?

Level 6

The world is experiencing a time of unprecedented transformation with technologies disrupting business, work, society and life. The global landscape is not short of challenges. Climate and demographic change, urbanization and increased connectivity give origin to a moment in history in which we require new solutions in order to build sustainable business models, economies and […]