Erik Stenehjem

Executive Director, Research Strategy and Impact Management, Qatar Foundation

Dr. Erik Stenehjem was recruited to join a team of creative scientists, innovators and engineers to assist in the transition of Qatar from an economy dependent on petro-chemicals to one based on knowledge and innovation. The Qatar Foundation for Research and Development was created to house this effort and he currently serve as its Executive Director for IP Management and Commercialization. Unlike many offices responsible for IP and commercialization, Erik’s office is also responsible for identifying the areas in which the Foundation’s competitive research grants will be targeted and he serves as the chair of the QFRD strategy committee. To assist in this process, his office has developed an analytical tool and associated data base to identify “hot spots” and “white spaces” where new research might more likely produce both solutions to Qatar’s needs and IP with broad commercial interest.

In his 29-year career with Battelle Memorial Institute, Erik has served in a variety of positions centered on science and technology innovation, investment and entrepreneurship. These positions included serving as: The director of Industrial Programs and Commercialization at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; The Advisor to the Governor of Oregon on Technology and Innovation; and, Manager of Battelle’s Technology Ventures office at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Between 2001 and 2007, while employed by Battelle, he taught entrepreneurship and new venture creation in the graduate schools of business at the University of Washington and Washington State University.


 Ph.D. Economics, State University of New York, Albany

 MS, Business and Economics, Minnesota State University

 BS, Business, University of Minnesota

Academic Awards and Recognition

 Full four-year Ph.D. Academic Fellowship

 National Science Foundation Dissertation Award

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