MIGHT, the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology, is an independent, industry-driven non-profit organization that works to strengthen public-private partnership in Malaysia. MIGHT represents both local and international groups across industries, in government, and in academia to build a consensus platform for public-private partnership and advance high-tech innovation. At its core, MIGHT seeks to address the country’s economic needs in response to the effects of globalization and trade liberalization.





The Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC) is an international network of over sixty non-profit organizations, government agencies, universities, and companies working collaboratively to build sustained prosperity through innovation. The GFCC develops initiatives and tools to better understand and navigate the complex competitiveness landscape and disseminates best practices. 




MyCOMPETE is a non-partisan leadership organization, made up of industry leaders, university vice chancellors, and national laboratory directors committed to advancing Malaysia’s competitiveness in the global economy and commuting the country to a rising standard of living for all Rakyats. A member of the GFCC, MyCOMPETE is devoted to enhancing Malaysia’s competitiveness by setting an action agenda to assess Malaysia’s innovation ecosystem, identify forces of transformation in the economy, catalyze thought leaders who drive change and galvanize stakeholders to action.



MPN, the National Council of Professors, is a council established by the Malaysian government to tap into the various expertise of 1,426 professors across 14 groups according to their respective expertise. The goal of the Council is to provide the Malaysian government with a brain trust to move to country forward in a competitive and innovative manner, allowing academics from across disciplines to advise on government policy and work to ensure a prosperous future for Malaysia.