2017 Global Innovation Summit

The Sustainable Future of Production, Consumption and Work

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensors, robotics, and additive manufacturing are creating a tectonic shift in the way we produce and consume goods. No industry or country will be unaffected. These new technologies and arising business models will require new frameworks for thriving innovation ecosystems – new government policies, new business concepts, and new cross-sector alliances. While we face critical challenges during this age of disruption and transformation, we are also presented with a host of opportunities.

How should government craft trade policy when supply chains are being shortened and consumers will soon be able to print customized goods? How can businesses best take advantage of these changes so they continue to innovate and build prosperity? How do we prepare the future workforce and help current workers adapt, so that they are not left behind by a wave of change? How can we create new economic models that leverage these technologies to promote sustainability?

Join us for the 2017 Global Innovation Summit, where we bring together leaders in research, government, and industry to tackle the future of production, consumption, and work. Through discussion and collaboration, we’ll strive to understand this disruption and craft a way forward that enhances innovation and advances competitiveness worldwide.



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